Venture Alliance Mastermind - ICEHOTEL, Sweden

The Adventure of a Lifetime

The ICEHOTEL – Sweden
April, 2018
5 days, 2 nights in Stockholm & 2 nights at ICEHOTEL


What a great experience!! Loved the food, the warm and cold rooms, the gift shop, the ice bar… outstanding and accommodating staff. Try ice carving and everything that is offered!! This is a once-in-a-lifetime joy!!

Kenalyn C

Icehotel Reviewer,

Your family and friends think you are roughing it in the Arctic Circle, but you are actually spoiled by friendly staff, incredible ice sculptures, amazing drinks, and food as good as the best restaurants in New York City!

Maggy M

Icehotel Reviewer,

Had an amazing experince at Icehotel these last couple of days! Did a warm room the first day and cold Art Suite the last day. The cold rooms is an experience of a lifetime, and calm down: you’re warm inside good sleeping bags 🙂

Gjoran S

Icehotel Reviewer,